Why Electricity Must Be Considered the Greatest Invention in Human History





Why Electricity Must Be Considered the Greatest Invention in Human History

Invention and Historical impact

Electric history goes back to before Christ to the current computer age. Being an occurrence of nature and a form of energy, it was not invented. Instead, the discovery of electricity is accredited to a number of influential people who were involved in the science and electronic world (Assis 22). This are the people that were active from the years  1700’s to date, However, other sources show that electricity existed way before this with reference to 600BC when the Greeks discovered the rubbing together of two items to get static electricity (Fowler 33). Archeologists also discovered pots and with copper inside which also indicated that the Romans my have used them as batteries.

A great amount of credit is given to Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) foe having discovered electricity but in the real sense, his experiments merely established the existence of  a positive and negative charge. Thomas Seebeck (1770-1831) is also part of the contributors as he managed to produce thermal electricity shortly after. This was followed by yet another significant discovery in the electric world by Michael Faraday (1791-1867) who was responsible for the discovery of electromagnetic induction. James Maxwell (1831-1879) is ye another scientist that relied on Faraday’s work to come up with mathematical expressions and the electromagnetic unit of magnetic flux.

The most outstanding success with electricity however was attributed to Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) who was responsible for the first practical electric bulb and his contribution to the motion pictures camera (Freeberg 51). Having the most tangible proof of lighting as his invention, he became the most recognized inventor. Nikola Tesla shortly after managed to use the Niagara falls to harness electricity with Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) laying the biggest foundation for development of radio, telegraph and television. Lastly, Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Brought in calculations that calculated the amount of mass necessary for generation of energy.
Why electricity is the greatest invention

The conversion of electricity from one form to another is the most important benefits of electricity. This is to say that in many cases, electricity may be used as it is as a good source of energy or converted into other useful forms. The recent advancement in technology and science shows that electricity can be applicable in a number of forms (Magnusson 45). All the institutions, factories, appliances and other social structures have found a way of making use of this form of energy. Therefore, there is great dependence on continuous supply, as well as, low cut supply of energy. Many research institutions have valued electricity to the level that the advancement and growth of a country is dependent on the power capita consumption of electric energy. These are the reasons why electricity is superior to all other forms of energy.

Electricity is a convenient form making it easier to convert it to many other forms of energy. For instance, to covert electricity into heat, scientists have come up with a theory of how passing electric currents through high resistance wires is able to obtain this result (Mehta & Rohit 36). In addition, there after other theories that converts electricity to light such as the one used in light bulbs and other mechanical energy such as the use of electricity to power up machines in industries.

The flexibility of electric applications such that it is easy to transport from one place to another and by the use of conductors shows another reason why it is a unique source of power (Mehta & Rohit 41). This explains the reason why many industries can rely on a continuous chain of supply. On the other hand, it is cheaper than most sources of energy because it is profitable commercially, domestically and industrially.

The cleanliness of this gas is also remarkable as it does have any gas fumes or other toxic substances releases to the atmosphere Mehta & Rohit 39). While other gases are looking for ways to deal with fumes and poisonous gases, electricity already has a lot figured out and is ready for use. Lastly, this source of energy is highly efficient in terms of transmission. Electricity can be used at a very fat distance from where it is produced which ideally proves this concept. This shows that with the advanced transmission lines, the electric energy is by far more advanced that the rest.

Importance of electricity

Electricity must be the most important invention because it has enabled the improvement and enhancement in quality of numerous operations in many areas of life today. Without electricity therefore, there is certainty that a lot of what we have and see today may not have been in existence. Similarly, many inventions that so clearly depend on electricity in our day-to-day lives may have been unheard of because the invention would not have possible in the first place (Magnusson 38). However, this is not the case. The availability of electricity has ensured that many appliances and devices in all lifestyles are operational and that they constantly make life easier.  This means that electric energy is the centre of many functions in businesses, productions, management and others. Below is an illustration of the numerous aspects of life that much better because of its invention.

Communication refers to the ability to send and receive message either by word of mouth or in most cases today, by the use of electronics. This is the first and most affected area of life because it is by far the largest and the fastest growing. For instance, with electricity, the numerous numbers of electrically powered gadgets that exist such as computers, tablets, telephones, laptops and many others have made the sharing of ideas easier and more effective (Kirby 46). This is especially so when there is distance or difficulties of communication or just the ordinary sharing of information. This means that, interactions have widened from one part of the country to another and with time, the distance, space, and the loneliness in many people’s lives has changed. The internet in many places as well shows that electricity, which allow for its transmitting and accessibility by using either WiFi among other means (Magnusson 33). Generally, it is impossible today imagine a world without everything that makes up the electronic world today.

In addition to communication, electricity has facilitated the ability to use appliances that keep people entertained, well informed and comfortable (Kramer 31). People today can switch on televisions and radios and watch or listen to what they please. In addition, it may be used when accessing print books, using microphones, playing loud music and many others. Other people use electricity to dance and listen to music, to watch movies and to play games among other important tasks. Living and working with assurance of electricity makes many appreciate the less dull life and the thrill that is sometimes used to power all other operations.

Many occupations today are also reliant on electricity. Well, every employment is dependent on its use (Kirby 47). This means that regardless of which type of work it is, whether a corporate job, a construction one, a blue color one, or a white-collar bob, electricity will always be vital. This is because they all operate using electricity powered machinery and because it makes the process accurate and on time to meet deadlines.  Shortage of energy in companies have often showed that a there will be low yield, poor performances and the probability of meeting the important people

Looking at the transport industry, the first and most important part that electricity has played is in the improving of efficiency of the part of various transportation vessels. The first on is the electric speed trains, the rechargeable and evergreen vehicles, this means that it has boosted the creation of eco-friendly transportation vessels and minimized the risks of environmental pollutions (Kramer 27). The emission of carbon gases has reduced because there is no use of fuel and other materials that may take this level of evolution backwards.  These car designs will then continue to rely on electricity but there are instances such as keeping track of transportation of gas and water

Electricity and foods are two things that similarly interrelate. This is because most people are usually time conscious and cost effective making it easier to understand why as well. The fast food industry is one area that uses electricity the most but sometimes, is may fail if ther are no steady electricity (Magnusson 54). Restaurants can prepare their foods twice as fast and they can use the internet to advertise themselves buy creating a strong customer based group. People no longer wait for too long, the culinary practices are more sophisticated and Achievable. This is once again another reason why electricity is so important to today’s word. Finally yet importantly, electric makes households activities more efficient as well. In addition, homes that use or rely to electricity are in a better place to those that do not. Overall, when all is said and done, electricity is used do improve various as areas of life.


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