The Tide Plus Bleach Alternative

The Tide Plus Bleach Alternative removes stubborn stains from clothes whether they are washed in hot or cold water. The product is different from the rest because it has non-bleach ingredients. It is used to make clothes brighter and whiter. The alternative bleach is blue in color and it comes in a variety of sizes. Some of the identified and tested stains include grass, blood, coffee, chocolate, mascara, mud, cola, oil, wine, tea, ketchup, crayon and egg.

The product touts itself as environmentally friendly compared to other similar products in the market. The ingredients in the product works in two ways. The product contains polymers, which attach to dirt and prevents the dirt from attaching to the cloth fibers. The second method involves breaking down and digging out grime from the fabric. The product does not contain any phosphates and it is made from biodegradable soap. The packaging used for the product can be recycled. The alternative bleach is safe for septic systems. One can use the product safely for all colors because unlike other bleaches in the market, it does not contain any chlorine. Chlorine makes the products fade. Moreover, the product contains ingredients that prevent the chlorine that is already in the water from neutralize.


The main intention of adverts is to persuade customers to purchase a product. This is made possible using ethos, pathos, and logos. The ad shows the image of a bottle covered with diamonds with the product label at the front. It lies against a diamond background with small specks of yellow. The words “whiter whites in just one wash: the new tide plus collection brings you more of what you love” are at the bottom of the image. The advert tries to persuade the audience in different way. The image, backdrop, and the words that complete the advert are all essential in trying to persuade the audience. One of the things that strikes a person who sees the image is that the colors chosen are unique, considering that the product being advertised is bleach. One would expect an image of pure white clothes to form the background of the image. However, this is not the case. The images are diamond and they have small specks of yellow. This is a strategy since the bleach is an alternative form of the commonly used chlorine bleach.


Logos involves using logic that is based on facts. It means persuading the user by reasoning. Some of the methods used include statistics, evidence, surveys, and historical data. The appeal to logos in the advert is achieved by the colors and the word ‘alternative bleach”. The use of the word alternative forces the audience to think more concerning the product. The person looking at the image has to engage his mind and think about why the product would be considered an alternative. This suggests that there is big difference between this specific bleach and other similar products in the market. Moreover, the use of the diamonds adds to the logical appeal. Most adverts concerning bleaches want to show how effective they are by having the whitest whites available. However, this is not the case presented in the advert. The diamonds in the image are a different form of white. Moreover, they contain some colored images. This is deliberate on the part of the manufacturers. The intention of the diamonds and the yellow images is to show that the bleach can be used for colored clothes as well. The word alternative in the image is meant to indicate that there is more to the bleach than is commonly understood. When examining the features of the bleach, it becomes clear that it is different because of its character. The bleach does not contain chlorine and it is made from biodegradable products. This makes it safer for the environment. Use of words such as ‘pure’, ‘natural’, and ‘cleaner’ among others are meant to sound factual even though they may mean nothing. The inclusion of the words ‘original’ and ‘whiter’ are meant to be factual but they are just one way of appealing to logos.



Ethos is credible appeal. It is possible to achieve this if someone else talks about the effectiveness of a product. Endorsements are meant to add credibility to a product. It also refers to shared values and characteristics. The idea of using diamonds was deliberate. Diamonds are a valued commodity. They are rare and precious. The fact that the diamonds are used all over the image shows the kind of meaning that the product is supposed to elicit. The main idea is that the product is precious and valuable. The image contains the word original in it. This is supposed to show the consumers that they are dealing with the real deal. The product is real and genuine. Those who recognize the brand and the company will be assured of the quality of the product. The use of the diamonds and the insistence of the originality of the product adds to the credibility of the product.


Pathos involves appealing through emotions. The choice of words used is important in appealing to the emotions. The words can be positive or negative and this determines the kind of response they will elicit from the audience. The words at the bottom of the image are “the new tide plus collection brings you more of what you love.” The inclusion of the word love is supposed to appeal to the emotions of the audience. The word love is positive and it will elicit positive emotional reactions. The use of the diamonds will also elicit the emotions of desire.


Adverts do  not always use ethos, pathos, and logos at the same level. In many cases, pathos is dominant because adverts often depend on the emotions of the audience. At the same time, logos is avoided because it is assumed that using reason and logic will often have minimal effect on adverts. However, in this case, logos is more evident. It is effective because it has managed to convince the audience concerning the usefulness of the product. the ad becomes more effective when ethos and pathos are used. Adverts are meant to appeal to the emotions of the audience. However the use of l