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The talk is about the effect of our body language on what people think about us, and what we think of ourselves. The speaker asserts that testosterone is the hormone that induces feelings of being powerful, and cortisol induces feelings of being timid. Body language tends to predict outcomes. For instance, from an individual’s pose, it is easy to tell someone who will emerge a winner in a given situation. Confident people tend to have a powerful aura around them, which reveals their pride. Timid people on the other hand tend to have withdrawn postures that indicate an aura of defeat. However, assuming a certain posture tends to reflect the intended outcome in real life.


The talk is important because it provides insightful information about body language and why people behave the way, they do. The following are the new facts I learnt from the talk:

  • Our body language influences what we think about ourselves
  • Our body language governs what other people think about us
  • Testosterone is responsible for confidence and pride in human beings
  • Cortisol produced in our brains is responsible for being timid and withdrawn
  • Assuming certain body poses actually induce the intended feelings due to brain processes

The article is indeed enlightening of body language. However, I disagree with the speaker’s claims that a certain body pose achieves a given feeling. More often than not, how we feel about ourselves stems from our psychological setting, not physiological. Therefore, it is far from the truth to claim that a sitting posture will make one feel confident. If someone is not confident, working on their psychological problems is what will work, not their sitting posture.