Response Paper Claire Barclay, The Millennium Hut, 1999 page 119





Response Paper

Claire Barclay, The Millennium Hut, 1999 page 119

The Millennium Hut project was a 1999 initiative of the Govanhill Housing Association. It was part of the Millennium Space Project. The project is a three-storey structure measuring two meters by two meters. It comprises of a community garden store, workshop, library, a viewing platform, and shelves for growing crops. The artist worked together with the Studio KAP Architects to create the structure. It is made of different recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Despite its small structure, the artists combined various natural resources, and they were able to create a small structure that would serve diverse purposes. The Millennium Space Project is a channel to celebrate Glasgow as the city of architecture.

The artist was successful in developing an eye-catching project that was able to capture the spirit of the overall project. The hut is a celebration of a willingness to adopt flexible architectural designs. The artist managed to communicate several messages through her creation. Her use of different materials in the creation of the project was a reflection of the diversity of the region. The project is a combination of various building materials including wood, stone, and iron. She combined the elements seamlessly, and this communicated the message that diversity does not have to lead to conflict. It can result in the creation of something beautiful and useful. That diversity should be celebrated. The artist also demonstrated her willingness to conserve the environment. She did this by using minimal space to construct the project. She ensured that the structure would fulfill different functions despite its small size. She also used renewable materials. The project has solar panels.

The artist was creative in her construction. It is clear that she took much time to think about the project before deciding to construct it. This is evident from the outcome of the project. The artist focused on two important topics as the subject of the work. The idea of including diversity and environmental conservation in the project is valuable. It shows the artist’s awareness of the prevailing issues. She is aware of the most important things that are occurring around her and she reflected this in her work. She also used her art to communicate an important message concerning harmony in the midst of diversity.

The artist decision to use architecture as a form is impressive. This is because the structure can stay for a long time before being destroyed. The structure stands in isolation. This is important because it means that people can admire it without having to compare it to any other structure. In essence, this allows any viewer of the art to interpret it with an open and independent mind. This is an important consideration for the artist. Different people will have different interpretations of the project.

The author was able to create work of such magnitude, which is a contrast to her typical work. She often creates large-scale sculptural installations. She combines different elements of functionality and aesthetics. She also uses diverse platforms to create her work. She combines different materials in the creation of her work. The Millennium Hut symbolizes some of her foundations that are represented in most of her work. However, the work also demonstrates her ability and willingness to venture into diverse areas. The creation of such a small objects shows her willingness to create art of various forms.


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