Research Proposal


The climax of any academic journey at the tertiary level is marked by a research project, which can often take different forms depending on your faculty. While most faculties have their students work with their professors to explore a given research topic, some students also carry out laboratory experiments, whose results are analyzed to provide answers to a set of research questions. The start of these research projects is the research proposal, which is submitted to a professor to lay out a plan for the research topic, the design, the methodology, the scope and schedule, as well as the significance.

At the beginning of a research project, you have the most important opportunity to persuade your professor or faculty that you do not only have a high quality research idea, but also a quality writing skill. In your presentation of the idea, your aim is to convince the panel that you have a new idea that can fill a gap in literature, and also a great strategy to execute the data collection process, analysis, interpretation and conclusion. When developing this content for presentation to the faculty, it is important to ensure the paper remains precise, coherent, and academically sound.

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