God’s love for humankind is clearly portrayed in the story of Noah. The population was growing, and with it came social and moral degradation. God, however, found a savior for humankind in Noah whom he qualified as being relatively blameless. God entered into a covenant with Noah and his family to ensure their safety during the floods that were to purge the world of evil. At the time of Noah, there were abominations that roamed the earth and subdued mankind due to their superior strength borne of angelic pedigree. These giants were the product of lust and sin that caused angels to admire women on earth and lay with them. Therefore, God in his wisdom and love, sought to free his people from these creatures and, therefore, sent forth the great flood. He gave Noah and whoever accepted to help him in his quest to build the ark the chance for redemption. God also limited the amount of years that man could live since the years seemed to corrupt and this corruption was especially influential on younger generations. The people ignored Noah’s warnings of the floods to come and of the call to repent. In doing so, they would regain the favor of God and be spared along with Noah and his family in the ark.

The story of Noah teaches of God’s undying love and patience with his greatest creation, man. For the entire duration of the ark’s construction, He used Noah to call the people back to his fold. However, full of pride and vanity, the people ignored Noah’s warnings and went on with their sinful pleasures. God’s encourages Noah to focus on the task, the construction of the ark, and not to be bothered by the impunity of the others. God’s wisdom is evident when he knows that addiction is hard to break. Addicts also never realize their faults until it is too late. Therefore, God keeps Noah and his family busy for close to 100 years working on the ship. 100 years are sufficient time for one to be corrupted a thousand times. Maybe this is the origin of the proverb “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…” During this period, the wickedness of men increased as they experimented with other ways of pleasuring themselves. God saw that Noah’s heart was troubled and offered him counsel and Noah took heart in knowing that he had tried. In their vanity, they believed that they could come up with a solution to outlast the storm and the floods.

Therefore, the floods came at the end of the century. Noah, his family, and a pair of all the animals of the earth were safe inside the belly of the Ark. For forty days and forty nights, the storms razed and the waters covered everything on the face of the earth. I think this was a testament to the absolute power of God, no half measures so to speak. God’s faithfulness is also manifest since he destroys every living thing on earth with the flood. Even the clever ones that thought they would camp out on the mountaintops could not have survived. The waves were higher than mountains! Through this story, the greatest lessons of his graciousness and mercies are learnt. It is unfathomable that one so powerful would entertain the sheer disrespect and contempt of his puny creations for so long in the hopes that they would change.