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The placement at the Verbena Restaurant in the Burgenstock Resort has provided me with significant experience as far as the culinary profession is concerned. As a student, the concepts that are usually learned tend to be theoretical, and hence become the basis for the internship to be the platform for real-life application of such knowledge. Interestingly, some of the core  training that I received before my involvement with the Resort proved to be essential during this particular experience. It was possible to realize the extent to which aspects such as teamwork and cooperation assume an imperative role in the hospitality industry..

One of the key influences that derived the need for collaboration involved the busy nature of this business. Although my personal experiences in local and international culinary establishments  showed me this particular dimension, the setting at the Resort was significantly demanding and exhausting. Nonetheless, the construction of proper schedules, the balanced  allocation of duties, and cooperation with other novice and experienced chefs enabled my compliance with all obligations effectively. Consequently, the tasking nature of the setting at Burgenstock generated several values that proved instrumental during the placement. Active listening skills and cultural sensitivity were some of the strengths that I developed at the time of the internship. Other values include the desire to learn, dedication to quality, organizational skills, flexibility, reliability, and leadership, particularly in busy situations.

Despite these strengths and aptitudes that I gained from the placement, it also allowed me to recognize some of the areas that require improvement in the long-term. One particular field is the lack of adept upselling skills. Even though my personal experience is based on culinary skills, the placement emphasizes the consolidation of a well-rounded professional. Nonetheless, I expect to improve my skills in this field through training and instruction, which will primarily focus on the basics and the most effective approaches of upselling in restaurants. Presently, my primary goal is completing the Bachelor of Arts degree, which I expect to attain with full attendance of all classes, total participation in assignments and examinations, and my work with peers as well as instructors in order to earn  the necessary merits.