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Reading Outline

The article Virtue Theory and Abortion covers significant issues related to the moral and ethical nature of abortion. It develops a concise and strategic approach towards the issue by drawing relevance to the theory of virtue that has been used over the years to derive meaning for various social and ethical dilemmas. Evidently, the theory of virtue has been studied widely across different fields. The article concentrates on the concept primarily based on the constrictions of happiness, rightful actions, the moral rules, and consequences for undesirable actions. However, the concept has acquired constant criticism over the recent years to reflect the inaccuracy and inconsiderate nature, particularly regarding abortion. Critics have concentrated on the lack of eudaimonia. It bridges the gap between rationality and happiness determining it as hopelessly obscure. It also lacks a trivially circular nature between the virtue and the agent. It concentrates more on being and not with doing and fails to consider the affiliate moral concepts. The theory fails to consider the idea of pluralism and possibility of cultural relativism.

In relation to abortion, the article concentrates on the connection between personal rules and allowances to the conformity of virtues and vices. Similarly, it reflects criticism of worthwhile and ways people facing the threat of abortion perceive and make their decisions. It is clear that the author identifies with the issues related to making decisions particularly that of ending a life. Any normative theory such as that of virtue should be intrinsically supplemented by aspects that are worthwhile, meaningful, and practical. Similarly, the conformity to rights such as life and free will should be applied when approaching moral and ethical issues. Nonetheless, decisions should be based on facts such as biological notions and should not be overlooked as merely general assumptions. Under such circumstances, the application of virtue theory applies once people understand the positive and negative values purported by the virtue theory to make rational, ethical, and informed decisions.