Reaching A Compromise For The Greater Good

Reaching A Compromise For The Greater Good






Reaching A Compromise for the Greater Good

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Date: RE: CC.

Introduction: In a work setting such as this, there are many demands to be met. These demands require the management to utilize their time, energy, and resources. Different requests or demands are asked of the management every day, and while we are able to meet some of them, it is impossible to meet all of them and within the required time. Meeting all demands will not only strain the company as a whole, but also prevent further growth that leads to generation of more revenues. On the other hand, the management understands that at least some of the basic and urgent demands must be met in order to avoid straining the employees of this organization. in general, meeting these demands means that we say “yes” to some things and “no” to others (Puleo, 2015). Therefore, as the stakeholders of this progressive organization, the important question to ask ourselves is what we must agree to.

Discussion Section: On behalf of the  entire management team, we thank all of the employees for the hard work and hope that the same spirit of industriousness lives on within us. The demands made from this management team have been met and your efforts are highly appreciated. While some of the specific targets have not yet been achieved, the level of effort exerted in to achieving this has been witnessed, and this has brought us to believe that it is possible to achieve more in the future. In the same respect, we urge all employees to understand that the management works hard to address the day-to-day issues the employees’ experience. Different issues require different amounts of time, resources, and energy to solve (Puleo, 2015). Therefore the main criteria the management uses to solve issues and met other employee demands have to do with the level of urgency.

Work safety, security, and health are placed in the highest priority by the management team. Thus, issues such as inefficient safety equipment for working must be solved with immediate effect. Sick employees are allowed to have a chance to visit the hospital in order to get better. Health care and retirement benefits are important for each individual in this organization. All these efforts from the management level are made to ensure the well-being of the workers while at the same time provide an environment for maximum productivity. Thus, a greater good of high revenue and company success will be realized. On the other hand, the management must ensure that the specific demands that the employees ask for are both necessary and reasonable.

One of the most controversial issues the company has experienced with compromising is that of salary increment. In such cases, the management must ensure that the work done by the employee corresponds to what they require, and according to the financial situation of the company. Thus, if we agree to the employees terms of remuneration without considering other factors, the company’ s finances will be strained. While saying yes to issues such as salary increment, the management will be required to cut down on some costs that are less necessary. Other issues that require compromise within this workplace include increase in housing benefits. In this process of reaching a reasonable agreement, complex decisions have to be made.

Conclusion: It is my sincere hope that each employee will be able to understand the amount of time and intricacies involved in this process of decision-making. In the light of this, it is also my hope that each member will be patient as the management team works towards achieving the greater good through striving to meet important employee demands.


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