Prevention is better than Cure

Prevention is better than Cure




Prevention is better than Cure

In the wake of the chemical induced fire at Maywood on June 15 that led to residents to be evacuated before being controlled, the Fire Protection Group inc. highlights the importance of big industrial complexes to install preventative measures. To this end, they ought to utilize the best fire protection systems. Fire Protection Group (FPG) is a provider of the said effective fire protection systems. In special circumstances like routine maintenance the buildings’ fire systems have to be disabled leaving the respective industrial complex susceptible to fire outbreaks (Mawhinney & Back III, 2016).  The Fire Protection Group Inc. posits that at those instances it is advisable to solicit their fire watch services as a countermeasure to a fire eventuality. The fire service entails 24 hr onsite supervision of the premises by fully equipped firefighters.

Another service offering of the FPG, is their fire alarm systems. To protect ones premises from fires it is advisable to install a fire alert system complete with its supporting infrastructure. The latter includes (but not limited to) notification devices and back up generators. The southern California contractors of FPG Inc. assert that it is the company’s mandate to protect its employees and property especially at an identified fire season.

FPG Inc. also offers repair services for valuables and property damaged by fire and water. Additionally, the efficacy of the repairs simplifies the otherwise tenuous and complex process of filing an insurance claim by a respective client.  Fire Protection Group Inc. (2016) reiterates the strategic importance to leverage the services of professional fire consultants like in protecting one’s property throughout the year. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to fire (Barbagli, 2013). As such, large industrial organizations should engage the services of experts like Fire Protection Group Inc. to protect their valuables helping them to concentrate on their core functions.



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