Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Closely related, and often confused with the admission essays, personal statements are short, autobiographical and nonfictional writings, usually characterized by a great sense of intimacy in a conversational tone. It is also known as personal statements, since they explain detailed and personalized aspects of an individual applicant. Unlike the Admission Essaysthat are often used for academic entry purposes, personal statements can be used for both academic and professional processes such as a job application, as well as scholarship application.

Given its personal nature, a personal statement helps an applicant express their personality in a manner that would impress a selection panel to consider them for possible admission. In most cases, when writing a personal statement, one has to confront a set of questions that are answered in an essay format. The answers to these questions seek knowledge about the personality of the applicant in the most precise and accurate manner. When responding to each question, especially for those applying for high academic positions such as doctorate, there is need to grab the chance to demonstrate the greatest sense of intellect, which also qualifies one into such programs.

When you work with our team of experts during this process of crafting your personal statement as an admission requirement, we shall help you formulate a convincing story from your personal experiences in a manner that displays your skills and abilities to the selection panel. More particularly for the doctoral applicants for both scholarship and academic university admission, we consider the fundamental fact that there are limited chances available for an avalanche of applicants across the globe.

We, therefore, seek to help you standout, and remain most competitive during the selection process. At the end of the selection process, our applications must leave the panelists with just a single possibility of awarding you a chance for either a scholarship, job opportunity, or a university admission.

At this point, with your chances of admission increased beyond ordinary limits, it is important to remember to state your plans after the doctoral program. Our team of experts recognize that doctoral graduates have a fundamental role of transforming their societies through research and development. Consequently, we help you formulate a functional, concrete and a compelling plan on how you intend to use the knowledge and skills gained from the doctoral program in the transformational journey that begins after the program.

When developing a personal statement, we ensure that you collect all the necessary information to help us build the most positive impression of you, especially to the selection panel. A simple mistake noticed in your personal statement takes away your chance to advance your studies or career in your university of choice. It is equally important to develop and tailor your statement in a manner that it relates to the field of study or career chosen.

At Advanced Custom Writing, we also appreciate that for some reasons, a student may opt to transfer from one college to another. During such processes, students are required to writer personal statements to convince at least one of the panels in either institution to accept the transfer request. On our side, we have a team of experts who have tangible and practical knowledge of the college transfer processes, and will offer the requisite guidance, as well as a custom personal statement to help increase the success rate to 100%.

We explain the basis for the decision to transfer, give a comprehensive explanation to show why you intend to join the new college, and ensure that there is no doubt in the whole process. This is the reason why we encourage our clients in this category to give us all the factual details, including possible cases of expulsion from their previous colleges. Even though the college essays may not be as intensive as the doctoral ones, it is still important to understand the need to give all the factual details to help us frame your personal statement in the most appealing and outstanding manner when reviewed by the selection panel.