Journal Entry 1





Journal Entry 1



4. “What a Trump win might mean for Texas’ environment,” November 14, 2016

  1. Summary of the journal

The election of Donald Trump as a president may be an advantage or disadvantage to the people in the United States. Trump’s ways of doing things and thoughts are seen to be different compared to the other presidents who have ruled America. His leadership may alter different things, among them the environmental issues. From his campaign trail, Trump has made conflicting statements about his plans for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is a federal government Agency, created to protect human health and the environment. Environmentalists and Business and Energy advocates are looking for clues from his social media platforms to get clues on how he is going to refocus the EPA.

The Americans will experience climatic change, as Trump is out to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and the clean power plan as well. Good news it is for the Texas government as the state will remain to operate its electrical grid. Texas, being the leading generators of energy and producers of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, shall maintain a clean record with the scrapping of the plants. Under his ruling, White House will not have sued to protect the rights of Texans. Instead, the EPA will “settle in Texas’ favor if they can,” said Eric Schaeffer (Gibbons par. 16). The force for having clean energy, wind, and solar compared to the renewable energy is too strong and will be implemented by Trumps Administration.

Trump’s transition page will open onshore and offshore (energy) lease on federal lands and waters. The federal government will have a role for migratory species that cross state boundaries. He would protect the habitats. Hence, the Endangered Species Act shall be restored. He will not make the national parks private but will ensure there is proper stewardship of our National Parks. In his federal government lands in Texas will be limited, developed and have the same types of environmental safeguards that have always been there. Increasingly, the state will be productive economically.

About political science, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of politics in the region, paying attention to the exchange between politics and the economy and the powers the president has, over the implementation of the law. There will be a review of the problems facing the Texans and development of public policy implemented. Previously, the oil production in Texas became weak after the antitrust suits that were brought about against the local companies affiliated with the standard of oil (Gibbons). From the implemented rules by the new elect president, there will be a rise in the oil industry that will favor the Texans. This course has addressed the effect the mass media and public opinion has had on the presidency and the response to it.

Amendments to the constitution will bring about changes that will help in the development of the state. The federal government will exercise the powers given to them by the constitution will help where national policy is required. The federal government will reshape itself in the new term with the new president. The government will increase its role in domestic and foreign affairs from the study and the Texans will understand the political culture, the state’s diversity, and their attitude towards the new governing under the new elect President.


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