Contemporary Photography





Contemporary Photography

  1. For the category involving well-known contemporary photographers, I decided to focus on the works of Annie Leibovitz. Since her debut as a career photographer in the early 1970s, Leibovitz has become a prime feature in the commercial photography sector based on her romanticized photographs of celebrities as well as ordinary people. On her portfolio, “The Life through a Lens”, I noticed that Leibovitz utilized the surroundings very well in respect to the character. In fact, an interesting aspect of her photography in the portfolio involves the same contexts that she applies on different characters in order to advance her statement. Furthermore, the aesthetic nature of her portfolio stems from the Victorian-era setting that she inculcates. For the group of less well-known contemporary photographers, I concentrated on the works of Sarah Cheng-De Winne. Different from Leibovitz, Cheng-De Winne focuses her photography on women and the way the media presents them. Technically, her blend of social commentary and fashion photography affirms this statement as evidenced in her portfolio, “Queen Mab”. Her utilization of bright colors, particularly red, and a contrasting background, exhibits a blend of aesthetics and thought, which create a refined feminine representation.
  2. I picked these artists due to the contrasting nature of the photographs, especially the thematic subjects evidenced by their portfolios. Despite being women, both photographers have a different take especially on the aspect of identity. On one hand, Leibovitz’s work is largely comprised of celebrities who embrace their superficial nature. The respective artist provides a romanticized and stereotypical representation of the way feminine celebrities are viewed. On the other hand, Cheng-De Winne depicts women in their disparate contexts by asserting the different roles they possess in opposition to the stereotypical notions advanced by the society.

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