Confidence Levels





Confidence Levels

Confidence is a critical aspect of performance. An artist should feel that he or she is completely capable of entertaining the audience. In that regard, the confidence levels of an artist do not just spring up. A process has to take place as a build up to the self-belief. I started the course because I wanted to learn more about music which is my passion since I was very young. However, I knew that talent alone cannot make me reach the levels of success which I intended. The only way to get there is by understanding the concepts of music properly and that will refine the raw talent that I have. So far, the experience has yielded better results than I could have imagined. The course work is tailor made to make the student understand music in detail.

All the books covered in the course have been very helpful. Particularly, The Listening Book by W.A Mathieu. The book exposed me a perspective of music that I had never thought about before. The point of view is that the art of listening is as imperative to an artist as is to sing. I also learnt how the sound produced by an artist is affected by the method used to pronounce words. The book has some exercises that I use in to practice my vocal skills (Mathieu 137). The simulations performed in the class have also built my vocal strength and range. The breathing exercises have helped to learn how to control how I inhale and exhale when handling the microphone. Confidence is built by practicing over and over again and the learning process is there to help the students to do so.


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