Body Cartography Project





Body Cartography Project

The performance was impressive and very energetic. The use of the stage was superb as the different artists danced around in unique, captivating styles. The different techniques on display were somehow different with the intensity of each dance style varying although they seemed to convey a message of creativity that occasionally meshed through a few synchronized choreographies. However, the dances followed the rhythm of the music and this managed to engage the audience because each performer was exploring different themes according to his/her inspirations. Much of the body language exhibited an intense passion for something specific and this added to the suspense element of the entire show.

The jumps were equally daring and at times appeared dangerous but since they were done gracefully, they proved exciting to watch especially during the solo performance. In addition, there were instances when the presentation became emotional and this was particularly visible from the film. In those moments, their movements were a bit slower and their gazes more intense thereby leaving the viewers to be fixated on the body motions. Furthermore, since they would suddenly break into dance, the tempo would rise and so would the interest in the dance routine. The costumes too added a different dynamic to the show. The brightly colored ones were very attractive and this served to capture the viewer’s attention for a much longer time. Moreover, some of the dance moves made the dancers look as though they were in a trance. Consequently, it was as if they were either communicating with a supernatural force or reliving their past and this generated a lot of curiosity. Therefore, the whole act was amazing and stimulated diverse emotions in an interesting way. The artists were also passionate.