Analyze the maritime aspects of the terrorist attack on Mumbai





Analyze the maritime aspects of the terrorist attack on Mumbai

The most noticeable aspect of this attack was that the terrorists shifted their tactics. They did not rely on suicide bombers or on the common use of bombs. Instead, they decided to use the commando-style military assault and approach Mumbai through the water.  This created a lot of fear especially for large port cities such as New York (Greenberg 31). The attackers in this case showed a certain level of sophistication and coordination. This is from the judgment carried out from the evaluation on the bullet holes that showed certain levels of precision and the unheard of maritime approach.

In addition to their ability to kill up to 500 victims, the terrorists worked together as a unit is and that is the main thing that led to their success. There was the advancement in communication as well, with most of the participants relying on the use of hand signals to communicate (Greenberg 27). Besides the difficulty and challenges in water transport, and convincing authorities on the reasons for entry to the country, these attackers faced more challenges as they were disciplined and determined. This new tactics affected the public because it increased the fear they had and due to the consistency, the activity made news that lasted for a long time.

The targets were the most crowded places, which were densely populated, multi cultural capitals and centers for media and entertainment. Research carried out to see how dependable America is in protection from the ocean, the NYPD and the coast guards agree on the impossibility of controlling all the activities at the coast (Greenberg 30). This is with regard to the large amounts of uninspected cargo that often manages to cross the border from time to time. Mumbai was a major reminder that there was urgent need for better maritime security in all big cities especially those that are adjacent to ports .It is evident that international terrorism is not going away and everyday there are new tactics and threats (Greenberg 22). The Mumbai incident encourages preparation and preparation of a solid defense, this time in all areas that have been neglected over time especially, involving the ocean.





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