Ginsberg in his poem America passionately and openly criticizes America. Through his sharp criticism, he remarks on America’s state after the post-World war II era. Themes of politics, anti-communism racisms come up throughout the poem. Opinionated, he expresses his cynical resentment towards the American society. Having roots traced back to Russia through his mother, he spews over the democratic stance taken by the country politically. His views champion for a socialistic Society within the United States of America. There are different tones used throughout the poem to highlight the issues being addressed. Sarcasm is a technique seen in his manner of speech.

I strongly believe that Ginsberg in this poem views himself as an isolated member in the community. This is seen throughout the poem as he uses a sarcastic tone to express his views against America. Occasionally he makes reference to himself as America but this is used momentarily so as to sensitize the people of the society of the repercussions of deeming the country as someone else’s problem. This has a ripple effect of shifuing responsibility and making people believe that they area not part of the problem yet they want a solution to be found. Ginsberg thus begins the poem by expressing his diligence to the country but he receives nothing in return. His bitterness distances himself from the community showing that in deed he is alone in the quest to fight for change.

Beginning his sentences with America, he shows that he is making reference to the state of the country. He therefore sees himself as a single entity as opposed being part of the country. The repetitive use of the pronoun ‘I ’shows a high level of conviction on his part. Similarly, the use of third person shows that he is making reference to another party other than himself. Emphasis is based on repetition and it is for this reason that I believe Ginsberg continually repeats this pronoun and further segregates himself from the American society. He does not read the Times magazine as he feels it directs the country’s thoughts that are geared to be against him

The feeling of segregation usually arises from lack of identity to a majority group. Having a mother of Russian decent shows that he could have felt he was not fully part of the American community. This shows that there was no sense of belonging. Naomi Ginsberg, his mother had strong communist views and this was seen as he was constantly taken to meetings of the local communist party. The mere fact that he was not apologetic for having communist view shows that he identified with those of similar opinions. It is through this association with a communist group that he draws inspiration to condemn and ridicule America. Being of a majority group makes people believe that they are part of the community therefore giving them a sense of identity.

Ginsberg self-belief in his productivity makes him isolate himself as he does not want to associate himself with the laziness of the American society. I think that it is through t his isolation that he sees himself a hard worker and even has the audacity to tell the public to get down with the job. The lack of faith in the government’s visions and missions is a clear indicator that he is not part of the society. In conclusion, I feel that this consistent denial of the ways and norms of the people show that Ginsberg viewed himself as an island.

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