All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten





All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Life is a sum of all experiences and lessons we get from childhood. A good foundation in one’s early years sets a good foundation for better future life. The laws that guide our adult lives are simply a larger version of what we were taught in kindergarten. As children, our first days and even months in school mainly consisted of teachers breaking our bad habits. Back home, we were the centers of our households. Everything seemed to revolve around the baby. This leads to the child growing up expecting the same treatment from others which is a recipe for disaster. If everybody grew up thinking they were the center of the universe, our society would be a mess! So to make sure that children grow to be social and mindful of others, we were taught how to get along with others. We learned the virtues of courtesy and peace by being taught to be nice, not to bite others and to put back our toys when we are done playing with them. We were taught to be careful with our bodies and to eat healthy and take baths to be clean and healthy. The importance of rest in growing up healthy was also an important lesson.

After a long day of learning and playing, we would be put to sleep in the afternoon. Our parents would find us well rested in the evening when they came to pick us. We would have enough energy to tell them of the wonderful things we had learned. At school, we also learned that life begins and comes to an end for all living things. We saw life develop when we planted seeds and cared for them until they grew into plants. We saw life come to an end when our class would need a new class pet because the old one had passed away (Fulghum 3). This also taught us to be gentle with other creatures and people because being rough could bring harm or even death. We also learned the important lesson that loss brings sadness. When our favorite hamster or goldfish passed away, we did a lot of crying. But in all we did, the most important lesson was to always look and wonder and explore. The rules that guide our adult life are not so far from those we were given as children. The problem is that as adults we like to think too much and we end up stuck. We get stuck because we take in too much information and add up problems making them seem impossible.

Keeping things simple is important to finding solutions. If everybody did their best to keep problems small and simple, I am sure the world would be a better place. There would be much more joy and cheer everywhere, and we would have a healthier society. Approaching a problem gradually ensures a better outcome in the same way kindergarten did for us (Douglas 5). If we had been started off with lessons on the laws that govern our countries, it would have been too much too soon. So it is very important to start small, then build up from there. I believe that everybody has everything they need to succeed in life if only they remember what they already know. These simple lessons can also help governments manage their resources and lead their people better.



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